Photo Prompt #39: Never Let You Go

Use this image as a prompt to create a post and reference back here. You can come back and share by posting your link in the comment section below. That’s it! Can’t wait to view your posts… Never Let You Go “There has never been, nor will there ever be, anything quite so special as… Continue reading Photo Prompt #39: Never Let You Go

Memoir & Life Stories

Small Piece of Balance

“Sometimes running sucks: you’re tired, it’s too early and its cold, you don’t wanna. Still you lace them up and remember why you run.” – Run Pretty Far I run to bring balance into my life. However, finding drive and inspiration as a solo runner can be challenging so naturally some runs come easier than… Continue reading Small Piece of Balance


Where does Mom fit in?

The Penis Chronicles presents “Where does Mom fit in?” When my son was 8 years old he started walking to school without his parents. It was a big deal all around and I was proud of him, but I also struggled with parental doubts about his age, responsibility, what ifs, and societal questions. Regardless, he… Continue reading Where does Mom fit in?

Mental Health

Take my Hand

One of the greatest feelings in the world radiates from the warmth of a child’s hand clinging with familiarity to yours in an unspoken act of intimacy. A silent request for comfort, companionship, security, encouragement, assistance, strength, and love. In December of 2015, I was diagnoses with a chronic mental illness. For some time I… Continue reading Take my Hand