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If we were having coffee

My Christmas mug is empty. I am torn this morning between coffee or hot chocolate. I think that I will go with Mackintosh’s hot chocolate. Just the thought of the rich frothy sweet taste sounds good. The chocolate and caramel smell will be uplifting and festive too. What can I get you: After Eight, Rolo,… Continue reading If we were having coffee

Creative Writing

Mystery in the Snow

It was the longest winter anyone in our quiet little town could remember. Something had changed in the world. We all knew it even though news hardly ever reached our distant corner. Small whispers had echoed on the fall winds of something dark and lonely. Those fall winds came suddenly and they were harsh and… Continue reading Mystery in the Snow

Creative Writing

Seasonal Rhythm

Millions of feathery ice crystals fell from the sky enveloping the ground in a wintry blanket. The magical possibility of a snowman’s life glistened in each sparkling white flake. Old man winter whispered on the winds and his message carried to the ears of red cheeked children as their faces turned up to the sky… Continue reading Seasonal Rhythm