Would you rather…?

Would you rather drive or fly? Would you rather take a boat or a train? Would you rather tropical or not? Would you rather travel in summer, winter, spring or fall? Would you rather a relaxing vacation or partying? Would you rather all-inclusive or a guided tour? Would you rather travel alone or with another… Continue reading Would you rather…?


A Ghost Inspired “would you rather?

Would you rather be a ghost or a poltergeist? Would you rather be a bat or a black cat? Would you rather be the haunter or the haunted? Would you rather be a skeleton or a mummy? Would you rather ride a broom or change into a bat? Would you rather be a pumpkin or… Continue reading A Ghost Inspired “would you rather?

Creative Writing

Secret Life or No Secret Life

If I asked you to live a secret life what would you say? For me, that question will haunt me till the day my secret life kills me. I can still see the young naïve me sitting in that roadside diner booth staring doe-eyed at the intimidating figure in front of me. I remember whispering… Continue reading Secret Life or No Secret Life

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Imaginative History

Do you encourage your children to believe in mystery and magic? Perhaps you believe in it yourself. I have a great love for doors that open to secret worlds and as such I try to encourage my boy’s imaginations to open up worlds of their own. Whether it’s dragons, fairies, unicorns, Santa or the Easter… Continue reading Imaginative History


Raising Boy: The Penis Chronicles Presents Those Questions

We have had the penis and vagina talk: boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. My older boy knows that babies grow in mommy’s tummies. However, he had never inquired about how the baby got into or out of mommy’s tummy. I was content to leave those details out of the picture. At… Continue reading Raising Boy: The Penis Chronicles Presents Those Questions