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If we were having coffee…

I take a cautionary sniff, smile, and inhale deeply. It is a sweet fruity blueberry smell. It isn’t a fresh berry odor but that of cooked blueberries the kind that warms the house after baking. It is a jam-like smell that tickles the senses. As I draw in another breath of my coffee the words… Continue reading If we were having coffee…

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Coffee reminiscent of spring break

The smell rising from my mug this morning is exciting. It reminds me of heat and tropical stuff like Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen. It is a sugary coconut smell with hints of alcohol. The taste itself is actually sweet and nutty. It doesn’t make me think if coconut initially. It goes through a transformation on my… Continue reading Coffee reminiscent of spring break

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Coffee News over Coffee Cake & Coffee

The cake is moist and sweet. Each bite reveals vanilla, brown sugar, cinnamon and the crunch of nuts. The drizzle settled down into the layers of crumble right down into the cake and it adds a rich caramel-y flavour. It all blends together to create a delicious flavour. It even looks pretty on my plate.… Continue reading Coffee News over Coffee Cake & Coffee

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Instant Coffee for Weekend Coffee Share

The grains on my spoon are miniscule like powdery sand. The grains are a mix of tan, cream and a deep brown. I take pleasure watching the small compact particles pour slowly from the spoon to fall into the bottom of mug. The transformation in the grains once the boiling water hits them is magical.… Continue reading Instant Coffee for Weekend Coffee Share

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Pre-Christmas Coffee

In that first deep inhale I catch notes that make me think of maraschino cherries that preserved and sweetened bright red cherry. However, it isn’t just any maraschino cherry. This is the chocolate covered maraschino cherry with the distinct scent of brandy flavoured liqueur. This coffee taste mimics that bitter chocolate with sweet alcohol and… Continue reading Pre-Christmas Coffee


The Weekly Smile – Ecstatically Happy

First smile is for a thanks to Trent for creating “The Weekly Smile.” Second is my smile share. I have been working on a particularly challenging puzzle. The puzzle is challenging because of the colour scheme and my progression has been slow. I am close but the last section is so close in colour and… Continue reading The Weekly Smile – Ecstatically Happy

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Coffee & the Virtual Pantry

What snacks go well with coffee? Mini bakes donuts with vanilla glaze Cinnamon rolls A nice slice of coffee cake Plain croissant Crepes Dark chocolate Something caramel Tiramisu Berries Scrambled eggs and toast Maybe a couple of oatmeal raison cookies Coffee is almost always better with a bite to eat. So, let me open the… Continue reading Coffee & the Virtual Pantry

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What is in your coffee mug this morning?

I am at a loss for words regarding the smell of my coffee this morning. It is a soft comforting smell that is kind of sweet. It actually masks the smell of the coffee! The taste is soft as well and a bit creamy. For me that rich bitter taste of coffee that I enjoy… Continue reading What is in your coffee mug this morning?