Unchartered Territory – No Girls for Me! (Guest Post)

Today’s post is written by a friend that I first met in grade 6 many moons ago, Tabitha Avery. Tabitha was my go to when I needed an essay or other paper edited in high school Raising Boys: The Penis Chronicles presents, “Unchartered Territory – No Girls for Me!” I always knew I wanted children… Continue reading Unchartered Territory – No Girls for Me! (Guest Post)

Coffee Blog

Coffee at Summer’s End

Sniff Sniff I can almost smell that rich pumpkin scent mixed with cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. It is just slowly starting to sift into the air to travel playfully on the gusts of fall wind. If I close my eyes I can imagine those scents rising up from the coffee mug in my hand. However,… Continue reading Coffee at Summer’s End

Memoir & Life Stories

Slow Motion Terror

The Penis Chronicles presents, “Slow Motion Terror.“ A bike out of control. The training wheels inhibit the fall over maneuver. Instead he careens toward the steep drop. The rider is frantic. Fear is in the air. Closer, closer: no stopping. I’m too far back to have a successful reaction. It’s happening to fast; I’m seeing… Continue reading Slow Motion Terror


By Way of Explanation

The Penis Chronicles presents, “By Way of Explanation.“ The four year old yells, “mom call the man, call the man!” My husband looks askance. The four year old leaves off his “call the man” chant to press his face against the window and yell, “There’s Steve, there’s Steve.” The seven year old leaps from the… Continue reading By Way of Explanation