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2019’s Last Virtual Coffee

As I wonder the airport slowly with a warm cardboard cup of coffee gripped between my hand I sip slow and watch other travelers moving around. Some of them drift like me but others scurry oblivious to everything around them. They are rushed and close to frantic. If we were having coffee I would tell… Continue reading 2019’s Last Virtual Coffee


Vacation Under the Oceans of Naboo

We stand eagerly on the platform with crowds of other vacationers. It feels something like boarding a train only this platform is grey under our feet, and we stand in small groups of eight designated by yellow boxes painted on the floor. This designation is for our space travelling safety. A television near us reports… Continue reading Vacation Under the Oceans of Naboo

Memoir & Life Stories

Equivalent to Christmas morning

The Penis Chronicles presents, “Equivalent to Christmas morning.” “Okay boys we need to go to bed early because we have to catch a plane in a few hours,” I advise the children as we slide into our hotel beds. We have already established the who sleeps with mom schedule and the little body beside me… Continue reading Equivalent to Christmas morning


Strange place to enjoy coffee

This is an early week coffee. I joined The Weekend Coffee Share group in 2015. It was and still is one of my favourite groups to share in. The premise is that you post about your week as “if we were having coffee…” The link goes up on Fridays and closed on Sunday nights I believe.… Continue reading Strange place to enjoy coffee