Equivalent to Christmas morning

The Penis Chronicles presents, “Equivalent to Christmas morning.” “Okay boys we need to go to bed early because we have to catch a plane in a few hours,” I advise the children as we slide into our hotel beds. We have already established the who sleeps with mom schedule and the little body beside me… Continue reading Equivalent to Christmas morning


Travel back in time: Travel forward

The Penis Chronicles presents, “Travel back in time: Travel forward” Sometimes I just watch them. I listen and I wonder what my life was like before them. I can’t remember and I can’t imagine being anywhere but here and now. Sometimes I remember the tinier versions of the young men I call my babies. I… Continue reading Travel back in time: Travel forward

Memoir & Life Stories

Growing a Baby – Journey of a Mother

The Penis Chronicles presents “Growing a Baby – Journey of a Mother”   The bright florescent lighting in the main bath barely casts any light into the aged and worn shower stall. The dimness is intensified by the faded grey tile displaying calcium build-ups like a medal of honour. The water just won’t reach the… Continue reading Growing a Baby – Journey of a Mother

Memoir & Life Stories

Is my laughter bad parenting?

The Penis Chronicles presents “Is my laughter bad parenting?” I watched. It seemed to happen in slow motion. The boys were bike riding side by side and the path forked left and right. They were supposed to take the fork to the right but the older boy wasn’t turning. He waited until the last second… Continue reading Is my laughter bad parenting?