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A lesson in swinging

The following piece was originally posted on July 14, 2018. Park visits with swings and monkey bars and all the rest are a big part of summer vacation so I thought that I would share this one again. A lesson in swinging: hold on! The swing glided back. The swing zoomed forward, but this time… Continue reading A lesson in swinging


“Um, Pardon?”and story rules

The Penis Chronicles present “Um, Pardon?” and story rules One of the things that my boys and I enjoy doing together is telling stories. It was something my older boy and I started doing a few years ago based off the pictures in a search and find book (Hungry Daddy Story). It spiraled from there… Continue reading “Um, Pardon?”and story rules

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Deliberate Act of Artistry?

The Penis Chronicles presents, “Deliberate Act of Artistry?” Drawing on paper and on the DS has been a big thing lately. My kitchen is littered with images of people, our family, bad guys and superheros. When children are learning to draw there can be some really interesting creations. I am not sure how I would… Continue reading Deliberate Act of Artistry?

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Gulliver’s Party

Gulliver wanted nothing more then to have an 8th birthday party. However, Gulliver was worried about it. Gulliver worried about a lot of things and sometimes he missed out as a result. His parents tried to help him. He knew they were concerned he was missing things so sometimes Gulliver worried about his parents too.… Continue reading Gulliver’s Party