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The “L” in 2020 A to Z

Little Man He checked and double checked his outfit. His little hand flying fast over his shirt front, shifting his belt buckle and pulling on his cowboy boots. Satisfied he parades himself around the room waiting for go time completely happy with himself. Who knew this would be a ritual for years to come. By… Continue reading The “L” in 2020 A to Z


Photo Prompt Week 11: Young Love

The rules are simple. Use this image as a prompt to create a post and reference back here. You can come back and share by posting your link in the comment section below. That’s it! Can’t wait to view your posts… Young Love His little hand gripped mine tightly and an excited energy radiated off… Continue reading Photo Prompt Week 11: Young Love


Travel back in time: Travel forward

The Penis Chronicles presents, “Travel back in time: Travel forward” Sometimes I just watch them. I listen and I wonder what my life was like before them. I can’t remember and I can’t imagine being anywhere but here and now. Sometimes I remember the tinier versions of the young men I call my babies. I… Continue reading Travel back in time: Travel forward

Coffee Blog

Smell the Coffee Cake

Fragrant spices, buttery notes of coffee and hints of nuts and vanilla. Yummy! This coffee cake is moist and topped with a crunch and a sticky caramel drizzle. I bake my coffee cake in a bunt pan for easy slicing. This little gluten-free gem is a family favourite. This morning it pairs nicely with my… Continue reading Smell the Coffee Cake

Memoir & Life Stories

Re-Blog: Santa Photo Mom

I originally post Santa Photo Mom in December of 2015. It is one of my favourite posts and I like to share it. Not much has changed since then except that there is no longer and duck and roll moves preformed when Santa makes an appearance. Some years since have had just the boys in the… Continue reading Re-Blog: Santa Photo Mom


Re-blog: Twilight Walkers

My bedroom is shrouded in twilight. The sounds of tiny feet shuffling on the carpet breaches the silence. I pretend to get a few more minutes sleep. The bed rustles and tiny bodies slide against my sides still warm from their sleeps. I sigh inwardly wondering when their internal alarms will stop sounding at six… Continue reading Re-blog: Twilight Walkers

Memoir & Life Stories

Is my laughter bad parenting?

The Penis Chronicles presents “Is my laughter bad parenting?” I watched. It seemed to happen in slow motion. The boys were bike riding side by side and the path forked left and right. They were supposed to take the fork to the right but the older boy wasn’t turning. He waited until the last second… Continue reading Is my laughter bad parenting?