Creative Writing

Photo Prompt #43: When years pass by

Use this image as a prompt to create a post and reference back here. You can come back and share by posting your link in the comment section below. That’s it! Can’t wait to view your posts… I choose to go with a 100 word post, but you by no means have to. When years… Continue reading Photo Prompt #43: When years pass by

Kid’s Learning Activities

Seedling Kids: School Lessons

With a majestic height reaching to the sun, and a thick hairy stem that is often over looked, this is a stalk that’s size is such that stories that shame Jack and the Beanstalk live in its branches. However, people’s eyes travel up past the healthy shoots of triangular toothed shaped leaves to the flower… Continue reading Seedling Kids: School Lessons

Freelance Writing

Raising Boys: The Penis Chronicles

This is not how I would recommend starting a day, but it is how this particular morning began. The sleep was still heavy in my eyes, and I was moving sluggishly. My goal was to address the sound of feet stamping up and down repeatedly in the bathroom. However, when I flung open the bathroom… Continue reading Raising Boys: The Penis Chronicles

Mental Health

Take my Hand

One of the greatest feelings in the world radiates from the warmth of a child’s hand clinging with familiarity to yours in an unspoken act of intimacy. A silent request for comfort, companionship, security, encouragement, assistance, strength, and love. In December of 2015, I was diagnoses with a chronic mental illness. For some time I… Continue reading Take my Hand


If my children are chipmunks, then toys are nuts!

I run a fairly tight ship at home, or at least I thought I did. My children, at 2 and 5, listen as good as can be expected, mind their manners, and take care of their possessions. Perhaps take care of their possessions is a bit of a loose term. So to be more clear,… Continue reading If my children are chipmunks, then toys are nuts!


4 Interesting & Informative Reads for Parents

Masterminds & Wingmen by Rosalind Wiseman Wiseman is known as an expert on a number of topics like social justice and ethical leadership. However, it was her expert status on parenting, children, and bullying that drew me in. I enjoyed reading Masterminds & Wingmen. I found it to be informative and educational. I also found… Continue reading 4 Interesting & Informative Reads for Parents

Kid’s Learning Activities

A Composted Teachable Moment

Schools teach children about recycling, and the children are quick to learn what belongs in the garbage, and what goes into the recycle bin. In addition to traditional recycling, I am aware that in my son’s kindergarten class they also repurpose materials for crafts. For example they keep empty apple sauce containers from the children’s… Continue reading A Composted Teachable Moment