Mental Health

Journey to Acceptance

  I have seen the darkness of the other side of the abyss and felt those cold clinging tentacles that wrap and twine until breath can no longer reach you. The more you fight the tighter they grip. The blackness becomes encompassing, blinding, and so absolute that you can’t see that the appendages that bind… Continue reading Journey to Acceptance


First Born – Hospital Parenting

The Penis Chronicles presents “First Born – Hospital Parenting” We thought we had an idea of what to expect when our first child was born: sleep deprivation, frantic schedules, priority shifts, extra demands on personal time (wait what is personal time?), new emotions, new learning curves… We were excited to experience all of it and… Continue reading First Born – Hospital Parenting


Where does Mom fit in?

The Penis Chronicles presents “Where does Mom fit in?” When my son was 8 years old he started walking to school without his parents. It was a big deal all around and I was proud of him, but I also struggled with parental doubts about his age, responsibility, what ifs, and societal questions. Regardless, he… Continue reading Where does Mom fit in?


Laughter after a Long Day

You know those days that seem to never end and the list of frustrations seem to reach insurmountable heights? You stomp through the door at home with steam coming off the top of your head and irritation radiating from every pore. Regardless of whether you are the first one home or the last that loyal… Continue reading Laughter after a Long Day