Re-blog: Twilight Walkers

My bedroom is shrouded in twilight. The sounds of tiny feet shuffling on the carpet breaches the silence. I pretend to get a few more minutes sleep. The bed rustles and tiny bodies slide against my sides still warm from their sleeps. I sigh inwardly wondering when their internal alarms will stop sounding at six… Continue reading Re-blog: Twilight Walkers

Memoir & Life Stories

Threads of Memory

She flicks down the switch to start the water boiling in the electric kettle and her thoughts sink into the past. The lid is absently discarded from the jar leaving the air to leach the freshness from the coffee grinds while simultaneously wafting a dark roast scent. Dolly’s mind is adrift amidst the smell as… Continue reading Threads of Memory

Memoir & Life Stories

Daydreaming & Coffee Drinking

The halls of the University are nearly empty at this hour of the day. The best part is that there is never a line at Tim Hortons. I can sail in and fly back out. It is a bit different when we get first break half way through lecture but still tolerable. Regardless, the next… Continue reading Daydreaming & Coffee Drinking

Memoir & Life Stories

Photos across a Life Time (3)

Here is a little memoir writing exercise for you. Choose 3 pictures of the person you want to write about, the pictures should be from various periods of their life. Use the pictures to write about where they were, what they were doing, and build in details about the person. A girl and her dog… Continue reading Photos across a Life Time (3)

Memoir & Life Stories

No Better Place to Be

“We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun” –Winnie The Pooh. That was grandma’s magic: time shared. It was a gift that she bestowed me. She taught me that the simple things can be filled with precious memories. She taught me the value of being in the moment, whatever… Continue reading No Better Place to Be

Memoir & Life Stories

Night Demon: Distinct from the fictional world!

My first bachelorette apartment was one of my favourite places to live. It was in an old grey brick house. The house itself had a gothic look to it with its wide set of stairs that angled inward toward the top, they were lined with a white picket railing that attached to two tall white… Continue reading Night Demon: Distinct from the fictional world!

Memoir & Life Stories

Favourite Thanksgiving

There is a 4 by 6 coloured photograph in one of my albums that captures the image of 3 cousins. We are standing on the gravel lane and dried leaves decorate that grey ground under our feet. Evidence that someone had been hard at work leans against the tiered retaining wall behind us; that old… Continue reading Favourite Thanksgiving