The Penis Chronicles presents, “Mother”

The Penis Chronicles is a weekly platform for sharing childcare stories, advice & etcetera. Raising children is an adventure! And please, I know the title says “penis chronicles”, but stories about raising girls are very much welcome. Please post and share your link and/or your comments in the comments section below.

Memoir & Life Stories

Re-Blog – Sleep(less)

Sleep(less): A Young Police Mom & the Last Fingers of Tiredness As Zarya’s 5’3 and 135 pound frame enters the daycare she is swarmed by a mob of hyper toddlers jumping, hugging, grabbing, and generally causing mischief. One small hand reaches out and starts to pull her baton from her duty belt. With a mother’s… Continue reading Re-Blog – Sleep(less)

Memoir & Life Stories

A small girl

The following piece of non-fiction is another short excerpt from the memoirs I wrote a few years ago during NaNoWriMo. I have provided a name for the purpose of posting today, “A Small Girl.” Feedback is welcome in the comment section below. *          *          * A small girl The little 43 millilitre bottle with its… Continue reading A small girl


Re-blog: Twilight Walkers

My bedroom is shrouded in twilight. The sounds of tiny feet shuffling on the carpet breaches the silence. I pretend to get a few more minutes sleep. The bed rustles and tiny bodies slide against my sides still warm from their sleeps. I sigh inwardly wondering when their internal alarms will stop sounding at six… Continue reading Re-blog: Twilight Walkers

Memoir & Life Stories

Threads of Memory

She flicks down the switch to start the water boiling in the electric kettle and her thoughts sink into the past. The lid is absently discarded from the jar leaving the air to leach the freshness from the coffee grinds while simultaneously wafting a dark roast scent. Dolly’s mind is adrift amidst the smell as… Continue reading Threads of Memory