Family Travel Bucket List: Places I would like to show my children

I originally wrote and post “A family travel bucket list” in May of 2017. It has only been a couple years so we haven’t made great progress with the list yet but I think that we have been succcessful with education, perspective, adventure, social skills and personal growth. Anyway, here is a re-blog of “Family… Continue reading Family Travel Bucket List: Places I would like to show my children

Kid’s Learning Activities

New Subject

What was your favourite subject in school? Mine was art, drama, history and for post-secondary education it was English literature. If we were discussing new subjects for school I would introduce Myths & Legends to the curriculum with a focus on mystical and magical. The kids would love it because who doesn’t want to learn… Continue reading New Subject

Memoir & Life Stories

Deliberate Act of Artistry?

The Penis Chronicles presents, “Deliberate Act of Artistry?” Drawing on paper and on the DS has been a big thing lately. My kitchen is littered with images of people, our family, bad guys and superheros. When children are learning to draw there can be some really interesting creations. I am not sure how I would… Continue reading Deliberate Act of Artistry?

Memoir & Life Stories

Slow Motion Terror

Slow Motion Terror was originally posted August 25, 2018 as a 100 post: I have added a bit to it and edited it a tiny bit. The Penis Chronicles presents, “Slow Motion Terror” Taking the kids bikes camping became a great way for them to practice and it was also great for longer and… Continue reading Slow Motion Terror

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Imaginative History

Do you encourage your children to believe in mystery and magic? Perhaps you believe in it yourself. I have a great love for doors that open to secret worlds and as such I try to encourage my boy’s imaginations to open up worlds of their own. Whether it’s dragons, fairies, unicorns, Santa or the Easter… Continue reading Imaginative History