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The places they went…

The Penis Chronicles presents, “The places they went…”   The children climbed on imagining the places they could go. They didn’t see the rust or the space for one. In their eyes there was a vibrant blanket of colour and enough space for them all to travel together and travel they did! They went under… Continue reading The places they went…

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Imaginative History

Do you encourage your children to believe in mystery and magic? Perhaps you believe in it yourself. I have a great love for doors that open to secret worlds and as such I try to encourage my boy’s imaginations to open up worlds of their own. Whether it’s dragons, fairies, unicorns, Santa or the Easter… Continue reading Imaginative History


By Way of Explanation

The Penis Chronicles presents, “By Way of Explanation.“ The four year old yells, “mom call the man, call the man!” My husband looks askance. The four year old leaves off his “call the man” chant to press his face against the window and yell, “There’s Steve, there’s Steve.” The seven year old leaps from the… Continue reading By Way of Explanation