Memoir & Life Stories

Re-Blog: Santa Photo Mom

I originally post Santa Photo Mom in December of 2015. It is one of my favourite posts and I like to share it. Not much has changed since then except that there is no longer and duck and roll moves preformed when Santa makes an appearance. Some years since have had just the boys in the… Continue reading Re-Blog: Santa Photo Mom

Memoir & Life Stories

The Big Escape

The photographs have aged well. Looking at the soft blue sky in the picture’s background it is easy to image that humid oppressive Ontario heat blanketing the day with whispered promises of a lightning storm to come. That means there is a schedule to follow on this hot afternoon. The photographer stands unseen behind the… Continue reading The Big Escape

Memoir & Life Stories

Is my laughter bad parenting?

The Penis Chronicles presents “Is my laughter bad parenting?” I watched. It seemed to happen in slow motion. The boys were bike riding side by side and the path forked left and right. They were supposed to take the fork to the right but the older boy wasn’t turning. He waited until the last second… Continue reading Is my laughter bad parenting?


Ghost Humour

The Penis Chronicles presents, “Ghost Humour.”   By Shari Marshall -2019 The Penis Chronicles is a weekly platform for sharing childcare stories, advice & etcetera. Raising children is an adventure! And please, I know the title says “penis chronicles”, but stories about raising girls are very much welcome. Please post and share your link and/or… Continue reading Ghost Humour


“Um, Pardon?”and story rules

The Penis Chronicles present “Um, Pardon?” and story rules One of the things that my boys and I enjoy doing together is telling stories. It was something my older boy and I started doing a few years ago based off the pictures in a search and find book (Hungry Daddy Story). It spiraled from there… Continue reading “Um, Pardon?”and story rules