“Um, Pardon?”and story rules

The Penis Chronicles present “Um, Pardon?” and story rules One of the things that my boys and I enjoy doing together is telling stories. It was something my older boy and I started doing a few years ago based off the pictures in a search and find book (Hungry Daddy Story). It spiraled from there… Continue reading “Um, Pardon?”and story rules

Creative Writing

Imparting or exchanging information

The lid on the ring box snapped shut on her finger causing her to gasp and jump back. She glanced up into his face confused. His face seemed to turn into a snarl best described as a scary mask of anger. She involuntarily took a step back and swallowed. “What is this?” She whispered. She… Continue reading Imparting or exchanging information

Creative Writing

Accompanied by Violent Twists

blinking, am I like her? silently, little girl where’s your mommy? peeled labels on the kitchen floor leading backwards in my memory, swirled and intermingled, we are one little girl  *          *         * She always wanted to do right by me. She took me and left my… Continue reading Accompanied by Violent Twists

Creative Writing

Gulliver’s Party

Gulliver wanted nothing more then to have an 8th birthday party. However, Gulliver was worried about it. Gulliver worried about a lot of things and sometimes he missed out as a result. His parents tried to help him. He knew they were concerned he was missing things so sometimes Gulliver worried about his parents too.… Continue reading Gulliver’s Party