Scarecrow Sweepstakes

The sounds of corn stalks rustling in the breeze is familiar to the humans that live in the area. It is a typical fall sound that doesn’t gain too much attention. However, in the fields the scarecrows grow restless with anticipation because for them that soft muffled crackling sound means that it is almost time… Continue reading Scarecrow Sweepstakes

Creative Writing

Summer’s Personality

She blew in on a spring breeze bringing sunshine and warmth to any space she visited. She was a continuous smile and she had an uncanny ability to gift meaning and memories individually; special in her own way to everyone. She was giving but wanted nothing in return. She knew when to retreat and allow… Continue reading Summer’s Personality

Creative Writing

Accompanied by Violent Twists

blinking, am I like her? silently, little girl where’s your mommy? peeled labels on the kitchen floor leading backwards in my memory, swirled and intermingled, we are one little girl  *          *         * She always wanted to do right by me. She took me and left my… Continue reading Accompanied by Violent Twists