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Christmas Grandparent Tradition

Dad and I always celebrated the holidays with his parents. Looking back on it I see that there were a few things that I took for granted like that Christmas fruit cake grandparents love so much. Even now, when fruit cake isn’t something that makes it to the Christmas menu in my house I can… Continue reading Christmas Grandparent Tradition

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Coffee, Cocoa & Melting Snowmen

  That scent of coffee is mixed with a cocoa smell this morning. It is the perfect time of year to mix a little hot chocolate into the coffee. It isn’t anything to fancy; there is no whip cream or chocolate drizzle and there is no chocolate sprinkles either. It is just a nice simple… Continue reading Coffee, Cocoa & Melting Snowmen


A Short Christmas Reading List

I don’t normal read anything seasonal, but this year I wanted to try something different. With that in mind I searched out novels that appeared to be related to winter or Christmas. With the exception of Tolkien this was my first experience reading the rest of the author’s on the following list. Letters from Father… Continue reading A Short Christmas Reading List

Memoir & Life Stories

Ornamental Snacks

The polyvinyl chloride branches on the tree had been molded into shape. The multi-coloured lights blinked brightly casting shadows of red, green, blue and yellow on the sparkling silver garland. The boys had done a great job hanging the Disney ornaments, cherry flavoured candy canes, homemade beaded candy canes, and salt dough ornaments on the… Continue reading Ornamental Snacks