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Meet Blog: She has a Life of Her Own

Blogging for me has been like raising a child. First, it requires time and effort. There is a daily routine where quality time is spent caring, nurturing, and helping to develop character. Time spent reading is included in this package because, like the importance of reading to a child, reading other bloggers work helps to… Continue reading Meet Blog: She has a Life of Her Own

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If we were having coffee, iced coffee…

The change of pace today from our usual hot coffees to these delicious icy treats is welcome. I’m sure with one month of summer under our hats that we must have lots to share, but our time appears limited by melting drinks so I’ll share my biggest update. My six week memoir writing course is… Continue reading If we were having coffee, iced coffee…

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Raising Boys: The Penis Chronicles

This is not how I would recommend starting a day, but it is how this particular morning began. The sleep was still heavy in my eyes, and I was moving sluggishly. My goal was to address the sound of feet stamping up and down repeatedly in the bathroom. However, when I flung open the bathroom… Continue reading Raising Boys: The Penis Chronicles