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Weekend Coffee Share in September 2020

I bring the mug to a hover just under my nose and inhale deeply. The sweet rich aroma of maple syrup blends with an earthy smell to create a delicious coffee smell this morning, but how does it taste my brain asks me. I shift the mug to my lips and slowly allow that warm… Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share in September 2020

Creative Writing

A New Way to Cook

I invite you to use the following as a prompt: When all was said and done _____________ came easily. Post a link to your piece in the comment section below. *             *             * A New Way to Cook When all was said and done bewitching my kitchen utensils came easily. First, I found granny’s dusty… Continue reading A New Way to Cook


A Measuring Cup of Thanks

  What feels better than a successful cooking or baking mission in the kitchen? After time spent measuring, whisking, blending, mixing, sifting, stirring and wiping counters, loading the dishwasher and doing dishes that edible treat comes out of the oven looking sweet, smelling rich, and tasting delicious. It is something everyone can enjoy! Blessed be,… Continue reading A Measuring Cup of Thanks

Coffee Blog

Coffee, Cocoa & Melting Snowmen

  That scent of coffee is mixed with a cocoa smell this morning. It is the perfect time of year to mix a little hot chocolate into the coffee. It isn’t anything to fancy; there is no whip cream or chocolate drizzle and there is no chocolate sprinkles either. It is just a nice simple… Continue reading Coffee, Cocoa & Melting Snowmen