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Flavoured Coffee, the virtual kind

There is a sweetness to the scent this morning that influences my expectation about taste. The taste, however, surprises me because it is shockingly bitter. It isn’t an unpleasant taste though. The bitterness fades into smoky notes reminiscent of vanilla. If we were having coffee I would offer you a Coney Island Caramel flavoured coffee.… Continue reading Flavoured Coffee, the virtual kind


Halloween Baking with Boys

Edible blood covered cupcakes to celebrate Halloween. Edible Blood: Agave Coco Powder Red Food Colouring Add 1 drop of red food colour to the top of the cake mix and swirl with a toothpick before placing in the oven. The boys loved making the designs. Ice cupcakes with a frosting of your choice, I like… Continue reading Halloween Baking with Boys