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If we were having coffee…

The scent of coffee drifting on the air currents is welcome this morning. The solid weight of my white and red coffee mug in my hand is grounding. This mug has a coloured image of Grumpy Dwarf on it standing glaring with his arms crossed and in the background are black and grey images of… Continue reading If we were having coffee…


Enchanted: 100 word Flash Fiction

  Enchanted “Look what we found in the park in the dark,” I whispered. I traced my hand over the waves of its shell noting the retained coolness of fall air. A soft odour of decay wafted from its depths mixed with a sulfur smell I couldn’t identified because there was no candle in its… Continue reading Enchanted: 100 word Flash Fiction


Till Death Do Us Apart

  I went a different way this year with Halloween and wedding anniversary baking and I combine the two! “And for in that moment of pure darkness, I see your soul shining brighter than it ever has, I love the weirdness in you and the gentle way you make me go insane.” – Jordan Sarah… Continue reading Till Death Do Us Apart

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Your Guess is as Good as Mine

I hear bickering. I hear: 7 year old: “Oh yeah, you’re a vagina king!” 4 year old: “Smell my butt!” Now, had these boys been about 10 years older I am sure I would have died from shock. However, my alarmed brain realized that they were selecting random word combinations for maximum impact. So, “vagina… Continue reading Your Guess is as Good as Mine