Memoir & Life Stories

A Lesson in Swinging: Hold On

The swing glided back. The swing zoomed forward, but this time the swing went back without its rider! The rider continued to zoom forward out of the swing’s seat. The rider’s body was flat, flying through the air being led by the feet. Imagine the rider seeing the clouds above flying behind the top of… Continue reading A Lesson in Swinging: Hold On

Coffee Blog

If we were having coffee in July…

A sweet nutty scent drifts in the air. It takes a moment to lock onto the notes of mocha that travel with it. My choice of a mocha swirl coffee this morning was a good one. It’s full bold flavor dances over my taste buds and warms my insides, and as the caffeine begins to… Continue reading If we were having coffee in July…

Creative Writing

Lacking Inspiration for a Creative Artist

The desk around me is littered with stationary debris. The isolation created by half-walls isn’t lost on me and I feel uninvited as I sit here, a squatter at someone else’s desk, casting about for inspiration. However, I find nothing under the dim lighting beyond the impression of stormy clouds nor is there anything in… Continue reading Lacking Inspiration for a Creative Artist

Coffee Blog

Coffee & Inevitability

The hot liquid rolls through my mouth punctuating its presences with a sharp pungent taste that makes that first sip shocking. I’m not interesting in noticing any of the finer features in my mug today because I am feeling a little bitter this morning. One of my favourite coffee mugs has a rather long crack… Continue reading Coffee & Inevitability