Scarecrow Sweepstakes

The sounds of corn stalks rustling in the breeze is familiar to the humans that live in the area. It is a typical fall sound that doesn’t gain too much attention. However, in the fields the scarecrows grow restless with anticipation because for them that soft muffled crackling sound means that it is almost time… Continue reading Scarecrow Sweepstakes

Coffee Blog

Fall Coffee Flavours

If we were having coffee I would invite you to brew up a new fall flavour of coffee. Pumpkin spice lattes are a fall favourite of mine but what else could we add to the fall coffee menu? Apple crisp latte? Something with a slight apple tartness and cream on top garnished with cinnamon crumble??… Continue reading Fall Coffee Flavours


Fall suddenly or heavily asleep

The Penis Chronicles presents, “Fall suddenly or heavily asleep.” The google definition of zonk as a verb is “1. Hit or strike 2. Fall or cause to fall suddenly and heavily asleep or lose consciousness” (February 7, 2017). My older boy has an amazing ability to zonk out; it has never been a trait I… Continue reading Fall suddenly or heavily asleep


A Chipmunk’s Garden

The Penis Chronicles presents a re-blog. The following piece was originally posted on May 2, 2016 and was titled “If my children are chipmunks, then toys are nuts!” I have made very slight edits before reposting it today. I really enjoyed writing this little piece and sharing. I still enjoy sharing it because I truly… Continue reading A Chipmunk’s Garden