About Shari

Who is Shari Marshall?

Who Shari Marshall is can’t be described by a static snapshot. So, instead we will ask who is Shari Marshall today? Today she is a writer moonlighting as a police officer. She is someone who writes because she must. She graduated University over a decade ago with an Honour English degree and went on to obtain a diploma in Creative Writing, a Writing Memoirs certificate, as well as numerous psychology courses and courses/certificates related to policing and communication.

Shari’s first published piece of writing can be found in an edition of Parents Canada magazine. She has also been publish in a few other mediums. Shari is currently editing her own memoirs as well as doing research for a lengthy piece of speculative fiction.

Shari resides in Alberta, Canada with her husband and her two children.

Updated fall of 2017


5 thoughts on “About Shari

  1. Hello Shari.

    So you are the brains behind Writing Sparkle. You gave me some kind feedback on one of my essays a while back and I think I managed to lose the path back to finding your name. I’m glad I’ve stumbled across your path again. Perhaps it’s best that you do the police work and I’ll stay with my software support vocation…

    I’m the guy who stood up the Dime of Time Stories, Gary Wilson from California (unfortunately – because there are so many better places in the US to live and work, but this is where family has me for now). My current project is the collection of (mostly) humorous, short, autobiographical stories of growing up. My daughter got me started on this when she told me that she loves my verbal stories and wanted to see them collected in some way. Thus my blog was born as a repository for the collection rather than a running recording of my daily thoughts and such.

    In case I managed to not thank you for those earlier kind words, please forgive the delay. I’m new to blogging, WordPress and all the protocols that exist between bloggers, by I try to be polite and a good blogging neighbor. It took me several months just to figure out how create a post that enabled comments from my readers.

    I do love reading and writing and hearing unique stories (experiences) from any thoughtful and engaged person from places I may never see. Anyway, I’m off to read your coffee share for this weekend and hope to enjoy your visits in the future.

    All the best.

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    1. Gary,

      first, likewise here on the ” being polite and a good blogging neighbor” and I think for the most part there is an understanding about time lag happening. Clear I suffer from time lag response, haha.

      Secondly, I am in fact Writing Sparkle. I have been thinking that I need to make that more advertised…

      Anyway, autobiographical stories of growing up are a wonderful idea. I wrote a rough draft of my memoirs a while back and I still need to finish editing, but I think part of that editing needs to address the style that I wrote in and I love the idea of making each chapter into its own short story.

      Thanks for stopping by, I am sure we will do coffee again soon.

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      1. Well hello again Shari, and welcome back to my virtual tea room. I love the notion implied by the name of your blog. I try to make my writing vivid, with fun (even if chaotic) images of whatever I’m writing about. I don’t think I’ve obtained the level of “sparkling” but I’m in pursuit of it.

        You are most welcome here anytime and I hope I’ve delivered a few laughs along the way.

        Warmest regards,

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  2. Hi Shari. Just a heads-up. I think something is fishy with your post to the new coffee share. All the others work as expected, but I’m getting an odd warning message. Here’s what I’m seeing.

    You are about to log in to the site “gmail.com” with the username “mrs%2Esharimarshall”, but the website does not require authentication. This may be an attempt to trick you.
    Is “gmail.com” the site you want to visit?
    [ Yes ] [ No ]

    I didn’t click through so don’t know what would happen if I did.
    But I don’t want to miss your post, so I should check back – yes?


  3. Hi Shari, I seem to be a frequent visitor to your about page. Anyway, my reason for dropping by today is to request an email from you from which I’ll harvest your email address for the Global Coffee Share Zoom meeting. I’m pretty sure you sent it once before but this got scrambled here and I lost several addresses for this get together. Please drop me a note to: gary.wilson@oracle.com. That way I almost can’t miss it. Talk to you soon.


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