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Photo Prompt 32: From the Bowels of the Earth

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From the Bowels of the Earth

The ground groaned and shook beneath their feet. They ran faster fueled by fear, but the ground shook harder knocking them to their knees. The groan changed to a loud rumble and then a thunderous screeching as the ground cracked and opened before them.

It was only seconds before glowing red bodies started pouring out the crack rolling over each other like waves repeatedly crashing against the shore. There was no escape now. Millions of pinprick black eyes locked on the helpless humans. The creature’s front pinchers moved in rapid succession as if tasting the air. Six stick thin legs propelled the creature forward. Their round bulbous but ends swung back and forth as the creature ran. The humans were overcome as millions of creatures washed over them leaving not even bones in their wake.

By Shari Marshall – 2020

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