Honouring & Grieving

The Spirit Lives On

One of my best friends, Marcia, said to me, “what I recall most is her smile. Your mom’s smile lit up her whole being. It’s one of those smiles that’s hard not to notice and difficult to forget.” Marcia went on to say that mom had an energy and excitement and that it was this attractive energy that people wanted to be near.”

I have been slowly refinishing the few pieces of furniture that made the trip from mom’s house to mine. The process is a way for me to work through my emotions as well as honouring her by breathing new life into this furniture.

Mom loved country, or as Paul said, she loved cottage country. That “cottage country” is what I have been trying to capture in the pieces of furniture I am refinishing. I started with the old school desk that was in my room for years…

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4 thoughts on “Honouring & Grieving

  1. There’s not a lot to feel good about in losing a parent, but Shari, you have found a great position from which to both Honor and Grieve. Don’t forget to recall all the things she gave you that helped mold the person you are. Through you, we, who never knew her are nontheless thankful that she spent some time among us.

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  2. Aww, beautiful post and you are doing an excellent job bringing new life to your refinishing projects! She is smiling that big smile from afar as she watches you work! 😄❤️🥰

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