Family Travel Bucket List: Places I would like to show my children

I initially thought I was going to produce a ridiculously long list with no substance, but when I sat down to start working on it I was surprised to find that I couldn’t just bang out locations. The first one came easy, those places my husband and I grew up enjoying, and so I looked at why: sentiment & history. The children love knowing stuff about mom and dad, they appreciate the stories there. So, then I asked the question of why travel with the children at all? Why do I want to do this? I had 5 main reasons:

  1. Education. Learning about or deepening an understanding about something as well as history & new experiences & new cultures. — Visiting the Tulum Ruins was a great experience that came with a lot of questions.
  2. Perspective. Grow a vision of the world.
  3. Adventure. Have fun, create memories & stories. When the Bottom Falls Out
  4. Personal Growth. Develop skills we might not have without travel experience. Travel can help us discover who we are.
  5. Social Skills. Create meaningful relationships amongst our family unit but also with people we meet.

With that in mind my Family Travel Bucket List is as follows:

  1. Some places I enjoyed growing up: Canada’s Wonderland, Toronto Zoo, Niagara Falls, Boldt Castle, Art Gallery of Ontario, the Royal Ontario Museum, & mine and my husband’s hometowns. –We are considering this, or rather some of this, for 2020 but we aren’t sure yet.
  2. Road trips with the trailer to the North West Territories which will have to include a mystifying intake of northern lights. Perhaps a road trip to Alaska starting at mile 0. –We have been to mile 0 and we started out Yukon trip along that route but we haven’t yet travelled into Alaska.
  3. As many Canadian Provinces as we can including Canada’s natural wonders like The Hopewell Rocks, Cathedral Grove, Cabot Trail etcetera. –We has considered the east coast for our 2019 summer vacation but the stars didn’t line up.
  4. A Scotland, England, & Ireland tour. Perhaps one of those guided tours (try some haggis…) –Research suggested that the kids be at least in their early teens.
  5. A tropical island or two & any natural wonders there like Volcanos, Rainforests, coral reefs… I would also like to show them where all the wedding pictures in our house were taken because they often ask.
  6. Grand Canyon. It is one of those natural wonders that I have yet to see myself.

Do you have a travel bucket list? What places are on yours?

By Shari Marshall – 2017 & Re-blogged in 2019