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What was your favourite subject in school? Mine was art, drama, history and for post-secondary education it was English literature.

If we were discussing new subjects for school I would introduce Myths & Legends to the curriculum with a focus on mystical and magical. The kids would love it because who doesn’t want to learn about big foot, the Lochness Monster, unicorns, fairies, sprits, Ogopogo, Leprechauns, Atlantis… The class would be geared to the students in it each semester. There would be art, drama, history, archetypes and a where are they now section.

What would use add as a subject and why?

By Shari Marshall – 2019

2 thoughts on “New Subject

  1. My mom taught 4th grade for many years. One of the things she did was create a curriculum that taught all of things she needed to teach, required by law and school board and all, but she put it in a wrapper of myths. So spelling words were used in myths, math, etc. It was mostly Greek Myth, and not those other things you mention, but still cool. But then there was a change where everything had to be taught in a very specific way and only to go towards a standardized test. Any material whatsoever that wasn’t part of that standardized test was not allowed. So went the myths. And my mom – she retired after a couple of years of teaching to the test. (Math and Science were my favorite subjects, but I always did very well in English (all As), except where spelling was concerned)

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    1. I imagine that teaching within a strict set of parameters would certainly change how it all looks. Staying with in the parameters and being able to add a personal twist (like the way your mom did) would be nice.

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