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A lesson in swinging

The following piece was originally posted on July 14, 2018. Park visits with swings and monkey bars and all the rest are a big part of summer vacation so I thought that I would share this one again.

Summer August 6 2019 image

A lesson in swinging: hold on!

The swing glided back.

The swing zoomed forward, but this time the swing went back without its rider! The rider continued to zoom forward out of the swing’s seat. The rider’s body was flat, flying through the air being led by the feet. Imagine the rider seeing the clouds above flying behind the top of his head in his plight from the swing.

Ah, gravity. What goes up must come down, as must the rider. Feet, body and head grind into the dirt, but not in a forward motion. Instead the rider drops out of the sky with a thump.

By Shari Marshall – 2018 (reposted in 2019)