Grande Cache

I confess that we did not camp in Grande Cache but we took a few minutes to enjoy the town. We usually try to power through as many kilometers as we can without stopping and the unfortunate result is that sometimes we miss these little gems. What saved this particular trip was the “Are we almost there? I have to pee!” plague.

*             *             *

Who can resist these little historical buildings? There is just something about them that draws a person and whispers for them to learn more. We were passing through Grande Cache when we came across these little buildings at the Tourism & Interpretive Centre there.

So Grande Cache is a little town located in west-central Alberta, a coal miner’s town. It is located right on Highway 40 and is a stunning town because of its beautiful views. It is another place steeped in history.

JUNE 21 2019 image 5.JPG

Posted by Shari Marshall – 2019