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Slow Motion Terror

Slow Motion Terror was originally posted August 25, 2018 as a 100 post:

I have added a bit to it and edited it a tiny bit.

The Penis Chronicles presents, “Slow Motion Terror

Taking the kids bikes camping became a great way for them to practice and it was also great for longer and faster walks. It also proved to be a great way to have parental heart failure. Picture this:

A biker out of control with training wheels that inhibit falling over to stop the bikes forward momentum. Instead the tiny biker careens toward the steep drop becoming more and more frantic. Fear is in the air!

Closer and closer; there is no stopping.

Mom is too far back to have a successful reaction. It’s happening to fast; I’m seeing in slow motion.

He’s screaming. I am running. Death lays over the edge. Bike and biker are bouncing along the lip when a patch of trees suddenly obscures the fall. The bike slows to a stop and the biker is frozen. I see his eyes round and his mouth closed around the thorny branch of a tree!

It was one of those moments that really weren’t funny but there was such a build-up of panic followed by intense relief and crashing adrenaline. Hysterical laughter, hugs, and enough bike riding in mom’s opinion for a life time (okay maybe a camping season, but in reality just the one day). Since then many other bike riding scares have followed. Thankfully none have been as scary as that but a few with blood and tears.

By Shari Marshall

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  1. After bundling up our oldest at the age of 6 with all the recommended safety gear, he still managed to lock up the front wheel while goofing off and face plant straight into the asphalt – knocking out not 1, not 2, not even 3 but 4 teeth. I was so tempted and came this close to putting him in a football helmet after that spacial coexistence failure. Bike helmets don’t protect their mouths… I swear I should have just wrapped him in bubble wrap and found a way to make a game of it.

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