Anxiety Detective

The Penis Chronicles presents “Anxiety Detective”

This week the penis chronicles is talking about a tool for parents, particularly parents of an anxious child.

Helping your Anxious Child – Second Edition by Ronald M. Raphee PhD, Ann Wignall D. Psych, Susan H Spence PhD, Vanessa Cobham PhD, and Heidi Lyneham PhD. It is described as a “step by step guide for parents.”

This book provides insight into anxiety and what anxiety might look like for a child. It provides parent activities as well as activities for children. It is a build-up program that parent and child progress through together at your own pace. It is broken into ten easy to read and use chapters.

What I learned is that with children’s anxiety we are talking about worries that have become extreme. It is a full body experience: mental, physical and behavioural. So, Helping your Anxious Child – Second Edition helps the parent teach your child to be a detective and learn about their fears and a realistic evolution of those fears.

By Shari Marshall – 2019

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