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If we were enjoying a lazy morning coffee…

Let’s paint a picture: It’s been a long week and relief and tiredness followed you home last night. The night was what it was and now morning stretches and yawns around you, lazily, and the whole weekend lays ahead of you. You stretch and pick up the steaming mug of coffee and pad to your… Continue reading If we were enjoying a lazy morning coffee…


Where does Mom fit in?

The Penis Chronicles presents “Where does Mom fit in?” When my son was 8 years old he started walking to school without his parents. It was a big deal all around and I was proud of him, but I also struggled with parental doubts about his age, responsibility, what ifs, and societal questions. Regardless, he… Continue reading Where does Mom fit in?


Finding it in the Quiet

You have sat down to write after re-arranging your schedule to make time for it. Your pencil is posed over the paper, or maybe your fingers are posed over the keyboard but nothing comes. No ideas are rolling through your mind only silence and awareness of time ticking by. You strain your thoughts: nothing. With… Continue reading Finding it in the Quiet


Refreshed & Renewed

Whether we are talking about work, a project, an exercise routine, a personal goal or etcetera there sometimes comes a point where we run out of steam, drive, inspiration, or motivation… Nobody wants to be stuck or feel stale or perhaps it’s one of those cases that you don’t even know its stale. Regardless, this… Continue reading Refreshed & Renewed

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Words: If we were having coffee…

I see you approaching with your eyes scanning the room. I am familiar with the feeling I see shifting in your eyes between blinks. It is that silent prayer for an empty seat or a familiar face. It is a full house in the café today and it seems the majority of folks are engaged… Continue reading Words: If we were having coffee…