Microwavable Heating Bags

Craft time again. This time it all started with one sick child followed by a second sick child. I used the only magic bag in the house when the first child was sick to help with the sore tummy and the chills. It was a hit. Second child ended up loving it as well. The problem then became having 2 children and 1 magic bag!

Even when they weren’t sick they would ask for it. “My ear hurts can I have the bean thing?” “My feet are cold can I have the hot thing for bed time?” And on and on!


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I decided it was time to try making personalized been bags. Out came the old cotton baby blankets and a pair of old pajamas and an old t-shirt. I cut the blanket into the shape and size I needed for the bag. I stitched an image on each bag from the old pajamas and shirt before I sewed the bags sides together.

November 17 image 2As for the filling, I did a couple different things. I used legumes in the boy’s bags. These bags don’t get really hot, just warm, which I find is perfect for what they want. With the magic bag they complained that it was too hot. I used oatmeal for another bag and moth beans for another. Out of these three fillers the moth beans are my favourite because they hold the heat the longest. Now that said, I changed one of the boys bean bags to hold rice and it gets real hot and holds the heat.

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I also scented the bags. I used lavender oil in all of them and just let them sit in sealed bags for a couple days to allow time for the smell to soak in. In the beans I also added a couple drops of eucalyptus. The scent adds a nice touch.

As for heating instructions, I use a small mug of water in the microwave with them and put them in for only a couple minutes. I was nervous at first because I had horrifying thoughts of setting my microwave on fire but a couple minutes and a bit of water seems to be a good combination. If anyone decides to give these a try at home please use caution, I can’t be responsible for fires in your microwaves.

By Shari Marshall – 2018

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