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It has been a while since I created a miniature post so here is where I am at with that. I am currently building a Greenhouse kit, The Orchid. I decided to build it a bit different then I did the first house. For my first house I built it and then decorated it. This time I have been putting up wallpaper and painting as I go. I am actually liking how it is coming together better this time. I am also working on a seasonal theme with it.

When I am not working on the house I have been working on creating miniature accessories for both of the houses. I posted last December about some miniature Christmas items that I had been working on, Christmas Miniatures. Here is a picture of the clocks I talked about creating in that post. I need to clean up the edges of the red one a bit, but you get the idea.

July 21 image 3

Plants are one of my favourite things to create right now. A google search about creating miniature plants will get some great youtube tutorials. I used “Easy Realistic DIY Dollhouse Miniature Plants” accessed at on January 4, 2018 and DIY Paper and Aluminum Foil Houseplants Plants Dollhouse Miniature Furniture accessed at on January 4, 2018. I believe they are both by Kat Williams. I took what I learned there and created a hanging plant as well.

For the hanging plant I used a toothpaste lid and drilled 2 tiny holes in the sides. I attached silver bead landing chain to the toothpaste lid to hang the plant. For the plant itself I used the wire from twist ties and folded tape over one end. I planted the tape and then cut it into leaf shapes, twisted some of the ties together to have multiple leaves on one branch. I attached the main branch like was demonstrated in the above mentioned tutorials (glue, straw, and tinfoil).

I am going to try my hand at a miniature poinsettia soon.

By Shari Marshall – 2018

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