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Hazelnut Coffee & an Update

If we were having coffee… Recent ½ marathon time: 2 hours & 10 Minutes The scent of hazelnut is prominent in the room this morning. It’s a bitter sweet smell that is punctuated with subtle woody hints. The flavor, as it washes through the mouth, is simply creamy hazelnut. It is warm and welcome. Can… Continue reading Hazelnut Coffee & an Update


Dream a Little Dream

“Mommy I can’t sleep tonight. I’m going to have a bad dream.” The little voice cried from beneath the depths of blankets and stuffed animals. This was quickly becoming a regular occurrence that needed to be curbed. Hmm, I thought to myself as I looked down at the tiny form that was now reaching up… Continue reading Dream a Little Dream

A to Z Blogging

The Space Between Bookstore: A to Z Theme Reveal

This is my second year participating in the A to Z challenge. This year I wanted to try something a bit different with my posts. Last year I learned a few things by participating and by enjoying other participant’s posts. That said, my theme this years is flash fiction. My stories will be built around… Continue reading The Space Between Bookstore: A to Z Theme Reveal

Memoir & Life Stories

Horrified by Cheese Cake

It all started with my husband’s request for a birthday cake. “Yuck, CHEESE cake” My oldest son screamed. He was horrified. I could see his mind trying to fit together the idea of a moist spongy cake with that of all the various types of cheese that he was familiar with: cheese slices, melted cheese… Continue reading Horrified by Cheese Cake