Raising Boy: The Penis Chronicles Presents Those Questions

We have had the penis and vagina talk: boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. My older boy knows that babies grow in mommy’s tummies. However, he had never inquired about how the baby got into or out of mommy’s tummy. I was content to leave those details out of the picture. At… Continue reading Raising Boy: The Penis Chronicles Presents Those Questions

Mental Health


  I stood at the bottom struggling with the weighted emptiness, and yet I couldn’t tear myself away. The silence that surrounded me was oppressive. I was alone in the anxiety ridden basement of my mind holding hands with feelings of despondency, dejection, and dulled responses to anything within the outside world. By Shari Marshall… Continue reading Persistent

Kid’s Learning Activities

Homemade Chore Chart

It all started with another item coming home from school that required money. It seemed like every week there was something. This particular time it was a Scholastic book order. Up until now we had not ordered from Scholastic, nor had my son asked too. However, this time a book had caught his eye and… Continue reading Homemade Chore Chart

Coffee Blog

Straight Shot – Coffee Blog

Every part of me feels heavy, saddled with an aching tiredness. That rich aroma from my full-bodied coffee screams at me, but it feels as if I am moving through water in my attempt to navigate the battle field of my kitchen. It seems I will never reach the steaming mug on my Keurig. As… Continue reading Straight Shot – Coffee Blog