Christmas Miniatures

In light of the holiday season I have been making Christmas items for the dollhouse. I made a number of little gift boxes, and they are really easy to make. I used old Christmas cards and Bristol board. From there it is a matter of folding and gluing.

I found the wreath idea at and really liked it, so I gave it a try.


For the rolls of wrapping paper I just cut pieces of Christmas wrap to size and rolled it around a small piece of cardboard that I had previously rolled and taped into the right shape. Once the wrapping paper was wrapped around it I used a small amount of glue and the small piece of tape to secure it. Once I had 3 rolls made I used cardboard tack strip to make the top and bottom of the wrapping papers container and covered it all in cellophane wrap. I think it turned out oaky


The above photograph is miniature ornaments for a Christmas tree. I actually found this idea at Kendra’s Minis as well. I have included a link to the ornaments and wreaths, and you can find the instructions for these pieces there.

In the photograph below you can see a small roll of what is supposed to be a roll of ribbon. I’m not sure if the beads on the end were a great idea because I think it makes it a bit questionable as to what it actually is. I think just a regular roll would have looked a bit cleaner. I haven’t made another one yet because I found it a bit tricky to roll the tiny pieces of ribbon around and keep them secure while I did the next. I suppose if I let one dry before I did the next it might have been easier, but I did them all at once.


I am going to make a miniature clock next out of a red button, some clear plastic, and a paper printed clock face. It really is interesting to see these little objects come together.

My first Miniature House can be found Miniature Toy House Fascination.

By Shari Marshall – 2017

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