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Character, Who Are You?

Creating characters, breathing life into them, can be a lot of fun. It can be as exciting as getting to know a new friend because in a sense that is exactly what you are doing. Of course tombstone information (name, date of birth and therefore age, as well as where a character lives) and physical… Continue reading Character, Who Are You?

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Meet Blog: She has a Life of Her Own

Blogging for me has been like raising a child. First, it requires time and effort. There is a daily routine where quality time is spent caring, nurturing, and helping to develop character. Time spent reading is included in this package because, like the importance of reading to a child, reading other bloggers work helps to… Continue reading Meet Blog: She has a Life of Her Own

Memoir & Life Stories

World of Unknowns

Static crackled preceding the dispatcher’s voice. My first shifts as a police officer had been anti-climactic with calls of stolen bikes, cattle crossings, and other frivolous calls that make-up small town Alberta policing. However, this one was different from the initial rapid succession of crackling on the radio. The dispatcher’s tone intensified requirements for swift… Continue reading World of Unknowns

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If we were having coffee on this beautiful August morning…

My mugs sits empty with only a slight discolouring at the bottom. That sludge at the bottom of the mug is proof that at some point this morning coffee warmed the ceramic cylinder I call a coffee cup. The memory of the rich roasted scent lingers in my nasal cavity, and the warmth from my… Continue reading If we were having coffee on this beautiful August morning…