100 Activities For When You Are Bored

  1. “Make a plan. Do you ever sit and fidget when you don’t know what to do…? Everybody gets the fidgets. Even me and even you. – Hunches in Bunches” – By Dr. Seuss Seuss-isms!

  2. Call a friend
  3. Go for a jog
  4. Fold the laundry
  5. Play solitaire with a deck of cards, not on the computer
  6. Text someone an inspirational quote
  7. Look at photographs
  8. Play hide-and-seek with the kids
  9. Walk the dog
  10. Surf Facebook
  11. Tidy your email
  12. Write a letter to someone, on paper and snail mail it
  13. Clean the toilet(s)
  14. Do the dishes
  15. Create a meal plan for the week or the month
  16. Make a grocery list (perhaps to go along with # 15)
  17. Do the groceries (perhaps after completing # 15 and #16)
  18. Take a nap
  19. Try meditating
  20. Make funny faces at yourself in the mirror
  21. Call a family member
  22. Read a book
  23. Finish a Do-it-Youself project
  24. Do some mindfulness colouring
  25. Weed the garden
  26. Cut the grass (shovel the snow)
  27. Draw something
  28. Watch a movie that you haven’t seen in a long time
  29. Go window shopping (at the mall or somewhere else)
  30. Go to a coffeeshop and people watch
  31. Do Suduko
  32. Watch television
  33. Go to a yoga studio and take a class
  34. Paint
  35. Sweep and wash the floor
  36. Get up and just move
  37. Tell a corny joke. Good, now tell another
  38. Google “writing contests”
  39. Write something
  40. Make a to-do list
  41. Look up the news and read it
  42. Clean out the fridge
  43. Clean your vehicle
  44. Order pizza (or some food of choice) and have a movie marathon
  45. Throw a dinner party
  46. Plan a surprise party
  47. Make cookies
  48. Do a crossword
  49. Take the kids to the park
  50. Make cupcakes and decorate them elaborately
  51. Take a nature hike and photgraph the trees, flowers, bugs, the beauty of nature
  52. Do a wordsearch
  53. Play dominos
  54. Play the Sims
  55. Read a magazine
  56. Blog
  57. Play an online game
  58. Have a bubble bath
  59. Go to the local pool and swim links
  60. Listen to music (Sing along, dance)
  61. Try something new
  62. Go bowling
  63. Go to the theatre
  64. Re-roganize your closet, dresser, or cabinets
  65. Treat yourself to a meal at your favourite restaurant
  66. Take an online course
  67. Sit outside and just enjoy the fresh air, sounds, and scenery
  68. Visit a local art gallery or museum
  69. Go to the library
  70. Online Shop (you can put items into your online wish list for later)
  71. Try creating your own game
  72. Journal
  73. Research something abstract or fun
  74. Try a new recipe
  75. Update the contacts on your phone
  76. Update the saved photo’s and items on your phone
  77. Update your LinkedIn profile
  78. Create a list of your favourite blogs and share it. Don’t have any favourites then check some out now
  79. Pay bills
  80. Get a pedicure and/or a manicure (do it yourself at home)
  81. Schedule any appointments that you have been putting off (examples: eye doctor, dentist…)
  82. Start your Christmas cards (I have had mine ready to go at the end of October before. Just don’t mail them until December)
  83. Invent a new popcorn seasoning
  84. Spend 30 minutes stretching
  85. Make plans with a friend for one night this week or next week
  86. “You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild to pick up a book and read to a child.” – Dr. Seuss (Nobody to read to? Then just read outloud.)

  87. Plan a trip, one you might take in the future or a dream trip
  88. Go for a drive
  89. Go to the zoo
  90. Here is a writing prompt for you: “What’s the word, hummingbird?” (, July 29, 2017) Write for 10 minutes or more
  91. Check your horoscope
  92. Learn to read palms
  93. Groom your dog (pet)
  94. Sit with your feet up and savor a cup of coffee
  95. Do a puzzle
  96. Make lists that you can refer to later. So, lists of goals or bucket lists, places you might want to visit, recipes to try, courses to take…
  97. Pinterest: spend time researching a D.I.Y project or looking up something else of interest
  98. Lookup options for volunteering locally
  99. Start learning a new language
  100. Join a group or sports team

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By Shari Marshall – 2017

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