Gender Swap in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

  • Grimm Fairy tale was published in 1812
  • Disney version is dated 1973
  • There is a more recent version called Snow White & the Huntsman dated 2012
  • The Huntsman: Winters War 2016
  • The Disney version is about jealousy of beauty resulting in the Queen ordering the Huntsman to kill her step-daughter. However, Snow White ends up living with the seven dwarves. The Queen tricks Snow White into eating a poisonous apple that casts Snow White into an eternal sleep that can only be broken by true loves kiss.

Gender Swap

The Huntsman would be the village wise-woman, a seer who heals and makes charms for the village people. When tasked with killing Winter Cloud she sees the King’s eventual demise and the important role of Winter Cloud. Instead of a death charm she provides a disguise charm and has Winter Cloud removed to the forest to live with the diamond miners.

The Queen’s character would be a heartless King that is hungry for power and control and desires his subjects to be completely submissive. He rules by force and with malice which results in his subject’s dislike of him. They give him respect only when he is present to be feared. His control is faltering as his subjects start to fight against his reign. A reign that is unfit for history books: unfair, unjust, not revered by his subjects, not loved, not respected, not obeyed, and etcetera. The King tries to kill Winter Cloud by brute force with an enchanted weapon when he finds Winter Cloud in the forest, and the battle ends with Winter Cloud being hit on the head with a death blow.

Snow White’s male character is Winter Cloud. He would have charcoal hair and “skin white as snow.” Snow White’s characteristics of sweet and gentle would transform into attentive (good listener) and gentle with a firm hand. He is a kind, and romantic dreamer that will work hard to achieve dreams and goals. He likes singing, dancing, socializing, and helping others. He loves animals.

The seven dwarves: retain their character traits.

  1. Bashful becomes Blushful: reluctant to draw attention to self, observant, sensitive to other’s feelings, and hardworking as well as modest. She blushes often and frequently looks down.
  2. Dopey becomes Dotty: flexible but takes life seriously. She uses humour to defuse tension, and she is quiet.
  3. Doc becomes Doyenne: natural leader.
  4. Grumpy becomes Surly: values competence, efficiency, and quick results. She is self-confident and assertive. She appears annoyed and she is critical.
  5. Happy becomes Chirpy: warm, energetic. She is prompt when asked to do something and she smiles a lot.
  6. Sleep becomes Dozy: a bored and yawning dreamer who is rational and logical.
  7. Sneezy becomes Wheezy: interrupts with coughs and sneezes…looks sick. She is organized and has a strong sense of responsibility. She is honest and respects the rules.

The stock character, also known as the Prince Charming, becomes a Princess or the Fair Maiden. She has a power that pulls her through life. She is unpredictable, playful, and driven by a desire for a full and adventurous life.

The dwarves capture and kill the King in a sacrifice to save Winter Cloud. Winter Cloud’s death is lifted to an eternal slumber. Along comes the Fair Maiden with the power to pull through life. True loves kiss follows to awaken Winter Cloud.

By Shari Marshall – 2017


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