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What is going on with this idea of “mom bras”, and is it a real thing? The movie The Boss was the first time I started thinking about this maternity bra idea because the maternity bra is presented as comfortable and a choice to wear years after maternity. A great quote from the movie that catches how unflattering this bra can be states, “If your breasts could speak right now they’d be saying ‘Claire please don’t zip me up in your jeans’” (2016). I later went to see Bad Moms and came across the same idea in the hilarious “uni-boob” scene with the quote, “This bra will be the death of your vagina” (2016).

These funny scenes cast my mind back to my maternity bra days, and I can’t recalling falling in love with my maternity bra. It was one of the first things that I was happy to be rid of. Furthermore, if comfort is an issue why not a sports bra or some other form of comfy bra? A maternity bra really? I argue the sports bra because there is controversy around the sports bra and if it should be worn all the time as well as numerous articles about the pros and cons of it.

June 11 image 1Returning to the maternity bra for a minute, interestingly, the advertising for them can be quoted as praising them as “trendy, stylish, and comfortable.” An article at stated that “A maternity bra is a souped-up version of a regular bra… Wider straps, a soft cotton lining, and extra hooks and eyes on the band are just a few of the features you’ll typically find in a maternity bra. Maternity bras usually don’t have underwire cups.” ( Granted places like Victoria’s Secret offer some very nice maternity bras, but that said they also offer some sexy and comfortable sports bras. I also found that advertising was of course very different for the sports bra. I didn’t find words like trendy or stylish in relation to sports bras, instead the advertising used words like athletic and sporty. Common ground was the use of the word comfortable that accompanied both types of bras.

It goes without saying that the style of bra is a personal choice. However, in a curious attempt to sort this idea out I took a poll. It was a small poll that consisted of 14 women, three of these women choose not to weigh in either way in regards to their own personal experience. The results are as follows:June 11 image 2

Maternity Bra:
Wear as long as possible: 1
Stop wearing as soon as possible: 8
Didn’t wear Maternity at all: 2
Maternity Bra versus Sports Bra (only choices): Maternity scored 2, Sports bra scored 8, with a score of 1 weighing in for the option of neither

What’s your thoughts?

On a flip note it might be interesting to poll men/partners to where they weigh in on this argument.

By Shari Marshall – 2017

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