The Witness

The Witness is a very powerful and emotional piece of writing. I enjoy reading new pieces as they are posted on “The Female Project” because they are written with such a wonderful depth of emotion.

The Female Project

Have you ever seen someone take their last breath of life?

I have.

I witnessed my father’s last breath.

He died alone, with no one by his side but me, and a minister to guide his departure from this world.

I had no fear, but my heart clenched tight in my chest.

I listened as his breathing slowly became inaudible.

And many times, I thought he was dead before he was. Probably due to my inexperience with death up to this point in my life.

The minister however seemed to know exactly what was happening, and had his last breath almost timed to the second.

I looked to him for the nod or acknowledgement that the moment had come.

But it hadn’t happened yet.  He was still alive. The emotions that swirled around me in this sterile room were not what I thought would fill me.

I felt pride.


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