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The Female Project

Today I don’t feel alone. 

Today I know that there are others who suffer.  Who feel pain.  Who are hurting…and don’t know why.

Or they know why…but are trying to get better.

…Before I began The Female Project, I read a post on girlfriend’s blog.  I remember, I was at work and had stumbled upon her latest post.  This specific post was about depression. I couldn’t stop reading…because I could relate to so much of what she was saying.  But mostly…because I never knew.

I never knew she was suffering.

I never knew how alone she felt.

I never knew she was seeking help.

After reading, I somehow felt better. I felt good knowing the truth.  And I felt proud of her for sharing. 

Her name is Shari Marshall. And her blog is Writing is Communication.

Here is her latest piece.


I could feel that shaky grip on…

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