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A – Z Blogging Challenge, Raising Boys: The Penis Chronicles presents the Letter U for Up the Nose

UWay back in January of 2016 I wrote a post called Up the Nose: The Lost Milestone. In that post I discussed putting stuff up the nose as a lost milestone for children. How many French fries fit in a nose? How do you make a cheerio disappear?

Anyway, I can’t say that too much has changed on this front. Our latest nose hiding activity involved a piece of Lego. It was one of

U for Up the nose image
Image from Shel Silvertien’s poem “Warning” in Where the Sidewalk Ends

the tiny little round pieces that come in the kits that require you to follow instructions to build something like a Star Wars ship or a Ninja Turtle van… I foolishly had thought we were past this stage at 3 ½, but apparently not! I was alerted to the situation by my older boy who was quite upset that his brother was putting his Lego and not his own up his nose. I felt beyond panicky because if this was really up there we were going to have to head to the emergency room at the hospital. Thankfully the boy who thought he could build Lego with his nose had not managed to stuff the piece to far up, and it came right out. Needless to say, that was the end of Lego for the day.


The other nose activity that I can’t say I am crazy about involves finding tiny little rolled balls of snot in one of my son’s beds. It is yucky to put it mildly! It seems he likes to go to bed, hide under his covers, and pick his nose until he falls asleep. No matter how many times I talk to him about it, or how many Kleenexes I give him access to I still find these rolled little globe shaped boogers! With this son we have moved from up the nose to out of the nose.

By Shari Marshall – written for April 25, 2017

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  1. I love that the issue was his brother putting the wrong Legos up his nose 😀 We haven’t encountered the nose thing, beyond picking, luckily.


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