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A – Z Blogging Challenge, Raising Boys: The Penis Chronicles presents the Letter N for Never Let You Go

In that way of childlike innocents my younger son melted my heart one night as I was putting him to bed. This little fella hadn’t always been the most affectionate and so this special moment caught me by surprise.

We had finished bedtime story, last bathroom break, and a few minutes of talking about his day. He was snuggled down in his blankets and wanting a “Huggie and a kissy.” So, I bent low over his bed to give him his hug and kiss. His little arms shot out from under the blankets and locked around my neck. He tightened his grip and pulled me down. His little voice spoke almost directly in my ear, “I’ll never let you go!”

He was so sincere and lovable, and my heart just melted. He held on and held on until I eventually had to release myself from what had turned into almost a death grip.

Since that night he has replayed the never let you go routine almost nightly with a big eager smile and a giggle. Sometimes I snuggle my nose into his neck to make him giggle a bit more and whisper back to him, “I’ll never let YOU go.” His latest addition to this routine has been to loosen his grip so that I start to move away and then snap his arms back shut and say his famous line to me again.

Interestingly, since this little statement escaped his lips he has started sleeping better, it is almost as if he is more content. For me, this little moment and the wonderful bedtime affection that has come out of it will remain locked as one of my favourite parenting memories. I will never let it go!

By Shari Marshall – April 17, 2017


14 thoughts on “A – Z Blogging Challenge, Raising Boys: The Penis Chronicles presents the Letter N for Never Let You Go

  1. How wonderful that you have it written down now, saved… just in case your brain misfiles it sometime. It is so wonderful. A tight squeeze, a happy hug, a contented heart, can be the reassurance a child needs to drift off to sleep. And he will never let you go. You are his forever! I have a grown one. And they are as delightful as an adult friend forever!
    So glad you are getting this all down. You need to continue these entries for yourself even past April, even in a journal if not online.

    Donna Smith
    Mainely Write

    Liked by 1 person

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