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101 Writing Prompts

Looking for some prompts, somewhere to jump off from? Look no further. Below are 101 prompts broken down into groups of 25 under the categories of creative writing, general, memoir/life stories, and anything goes. Anything goes works for any of the categories already mentioned as well as poetry, photography, drawing or whatever your creative medium is.

  1. “Look what we found in the park in the dark.” – Dr. Seuss One fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

Creative Writing

  1. It lives on my bookshelf.
  2. The picture fell off the wall revealing a ______________ behind it!
  3. Her chair sat empty, but it was still warm as if only recently vacated. Even the mug of coffee continued to release swirls of steam into the air, but she had just vanished like the morning mist.
  4. The hum of the needle buzzed over flesh crafting a design of choice.
  5. “Can I have one? Can I have one?” Alex jumped up and down on chubby legs trying to reach the balloon animal in the clown’s hand.
  6. Cord lives in the coat closet. He sleeps in the shoes and plays in the jacket pockets.
  7. Out in the back garden…
  8. Samantha and Allen sat up high in the branches of the maple tree. The autumn had thinned the leaves allowing them to see…
  9. The children were surprised when they opened the toy bin because instead of toys they found a stairwell leading to…
  10. You know how a rainbow can be seen after the rain? Have you ever ran so fast you made it to the bottom of that rainbow only to see the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet fold accordion like into stairs? Well, I have and…
  11. It moved! It shouldn’t have, but it did.
  12. Mom was in the kitchen again, the rich smell of coco and nutmeg was slowly filling the house, and that could only mean on thing…
  13. Olivia found it on the front porch.
  14. You can’t keep a fairy in your dollhouse.
  15. John didn’t tell anybody about the dragon egg he hatched under the back deck.
  16. Russ and Maddy’s lawn had never had mushrooms growing in it before, then overnight hundreds of them sprouted up through the lush grass. The children believed elves had come to live in the lawn.
  17. Darkness settled around the campfire and glowing orange and red sparks danced up from the flames. The crackle of the fire was the only sound in the forest tonight.
  18. The glass jar was full of pastel coloured jellybeans and one…
  19. His legs seemed to get heavier with each stair he dragged his feet up.
  20. It sparkled in the moonlight, there was no way to stop it.
  21. She had a unique ability to close her eyes and when she opened them again she would be somewhere new.
  22. They came here to write, at least that is what they told them. So, why weren’t they letting them write?
  23. All the chocolate bars and candy in the world were disappearing. Night after night someone or something was purging stores, houses, and factories of these items and leaving wrappers and crumbs behind.
  24. “The ink used in these tattoos is magic ink,” the weaver had stated. Now the image on his arm was alive! Jaxson glanced down at his arm…
  25. The giant pulled the roof off the house looking for…


  1. If you could leave today to go anywhere in the world where would you go?
  2. What is your favourite rainy day activity?
  3. If you were designing a Mad Tea Party what would it look like? (Reference to the Mad Tea Party is to Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll)
  4. Describe your favourite vacation, either real or imaginary.
  5. If you could bring back a fashion trend what would it be and why?
  6. What song best represents your life theme today?
  7. What is your favourite season and why?
  8. Plead a case for the most misunderstood antagonist of all times?
  9. If you could have a mythical creature for a pet what would you have? (Some examples are unicorn, dragon, mermaid, troll…)
  10. Talk about your favourite breed of dog or cat…
  11. What is your favourite hobby/activity? Try and pitch it to your readers.
  12. Today riding the bus… (You can substitute bus for train, plane, subway or whatever)
  13. Best television shows of all times.
  14. Share a cooking experience (funny or other).
  15. Talk about a first. For example a first day at school or a new job, a first date, a first kiss, a first car…
  16. Talk about a part of Canada you would like to visit, or a part of Canada that you have visited and would like to re-visit.
  17. Your top 10 movies and why they make your top 10.
  18. Create a recommended reading list.
  19. Design yourself as a superhero. What would your power be? What would your suit look like? What is your cover story, if you have one? Your mission, goals…
  20. List post of favourite snacks.
  21. Caramel or chocolate?
  22. Describe best and/or worst parenting days.
  23. Talk about a do-it-yourself project.
  24. List your top 10 favourite activities for children.
  25. Compare your childhood toys to your children’s toys.

Anything Goes

  1. Dream
  2. Fate
  3. Sun
  4. Moonlight
  5. Sunset
  6. Raindrop
  7. Park bench
  8. Blue
  9. Glitter
  10. Friendship
  11. Exercise
  12. Oubliette
  13. Hockey
  14. Shadow
  15. Thwart
  16. Zoysia
  17. Swashbuckler
  18. Puppeteer
  19. Blindfold
  20. Dragonfly
  21. Ochre
  22. Euphoric
  23. Despair
  24. Befuddle
  25. Indignation

Memoir/Life Story

  1. Childhood memory
  2. Describe your childhood home and or a room from that home.
  3. What is one of your strongest characteristics, and when was a time this characteristic proved its worth?
  4. Use your favourite childhood storybook as a jumping off point. You can included things like what it look like, where you kept it, whether you read it yourself or if someone else read it to you and so on. Just see where it leads.
  5. Best friend(s)
  6. A pet(s)
  7. Did you keep a journal? Describe the physical journal, talk about writing in it and see where it leads you.
  8. Pick any fact about yourself and write about it in relation to a life event.
  9. Your astrologic sign
  10. Pick a significant person in your life and write about something you did together. It can be as simple as a walk.
  11. Strong belief
  12. Love and loss
  13. Yearbook: pictures, text and notes written in it by peers
  14. Use picture(s)
  15. Use music (a song) from a period of your life.
  16. Smell. (Smell is our most powerful sense.)
  17. Turning points
  18. Grandma’s recipe for_______________ (Grandma can be changed to any person in your life)
  19. Holidays are great jumping off points.
  20. Use an object from your childhood and write about it and why it is important to you.
  21. Talk with a family member about things that may jog your memory.
  22. Look up fun facts about the year you were born and use that as a jumping off point.
  23. Discuss how something has changed, for example I remember the old dial phone that spun around to dial and it seemed to take forever to dial the next number if you were waiting for it to spun back from dialling a 9. It was a time of no cell phones or cordless phones.
  24. Family rituals or traditions are great jumping off points.
  25. What wouldn’t you want someone to know?

Hope that you found something here to start your creative juices flowing.

P.S. I love pingbacks! Happy Writing.

By Shari Marshall – 2017

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  1. I do sometimes use prompts to get the creative juices flowing for flash fiction. With this list, I guess I’d need a random number generator and pick them at random 😉 I did skim through it (didn’t read every one…) and there are some pretty good starting points.

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