Creative Writing

Emerging Palate

At first the scent is strong and lingering. The mouth salivates unwillingly, craving the moment when the two will become one. An infant’s desire to rush the moment, not realizing… Bitter and overpowering – scrunching up the face and swallowing fast. A desire to get the moment over with quickly. The taste rolls around, inescapable,… Continue reading Emerging Palate

Writer's Tool Box

101 Writing Prompts

Looking for some prompts, somewhere to jump off from? Look no further. Below are 101 prompts broken down into groups of 25 under the categories of creative writing, general, memoir/life stories, and anything goes. Anything goes works for any of the categories already mentioned as well as poetry, photography, drawing or whatever your creative medium… Continue reading 101 Writing Prompts

Creative Writing

A Parade of Monkeys for Darrell

Darrell’s 10th birthday party is tomorrow. All he wants is a parade. He has spent the last few weeks lining up his toy monkeys in honour of the parade he is sure he’ll get for his birthday. He has asked for only one thing, a parade of monkeys. He falls asleep wearing his monkey pajamas,… Continue reading A Parade of Monkeys for Darrell