Santa Photo Mom

A holiday tradition re-blog, that Dear Santa request.

Writing is Communication

Dear Santa,

It is that time of the year again, and I wanted to be the first to send in my wish list. The following isn’t a list like the usual unrealistic requests you receive for new siblings, ponies, backyard Ferris wheels, and pet owls. I really only have one request, but it comes with a few instructions:

  1. Please don’t let me be one of those moms:A Santa Photograph Mom”! A mom with a small brown and gold album that says in sparkle letters, “Once upon a time…” A mom that adds a new Santa picture to the album every year, and proudly thrusts the album into visitor’s hands. A mom that knows, but seemingly doesn’t care, that her children don’t share her love for this activity.
  2. Please don’t let us be that family pretending to be happy standing in the Santa line hours before Santa is scheduled to…

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