If my children are chipmunks, then toys are nuts!

Writing is Communication

I run a fairly tight ship at home, or at least I thought I did. My children, at 2 and 5, listen as good as can be expected, mind their manners, and take care of their possessions. Perhaps take care of their possessions is a bit of a loose term. So to be more clear, they play with their toys like I would expect little boys to play, they share with each other like I expect them to, and they pick up their toys and put them away.

Or so I thought, until spring cleaning.

I am somewhat familiar with the habits of chipmunks. I spent a number of summers at my cottage nestled on the border of Eastern and Central Ontario, where we had a small community of chipmunks that we feed peanuts. These little hoarders would spend all day coming and going from the peanut stash we supplied…

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