If my children are chipmunks, then toys are nuts!

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I run a fairly tight ship at home, or at least I thought I did. My children, at 2 and 5, listen as good as can be expected, mind their manners, and take care of their possessions. Perhaps take care of their possessions is a bit of a loose…

Kid’s Learning Activities

Children’s Book List Ages 0-8

Here are 8 fast recommendations from my children’s bookshelf to yours in no particular order: If You Happen to Have a Dinosaur written by Linda Bailey & illustrated by Colin Jack: This is a cute and playful text about what to do with your dinosaur. It is marked for ages 3-7; my 3 year old… Continue reading Children’s Book List Ages 0-8


A flake of snow: Delicate six fold symmetry

It dances merrily down, gently plowing a path as though according to plan. It glistens wildly as it twists and turns softly through the chilly air, its crystal points alive with the power of racing cold: breathing life, freezing life. In the sun it throws off flashes of sparkling light as it floats, as it… Continue reading A flake of snow: Delicate six fold symmetry

Mental Health

Bipolar: The Medication Journals

Very loosely we know that bipolar II is caused partly because of problems with the brain’s neurotransmitters. However, these problems are specific to an individual, so medication becomes a system of trial and error in order to find the best method to manage an individual’s particular symptoms. Julie Fast & John Preston make a true… Continue reading Bipolar: The Medication Journals